POTTSVILLE, TEXAS. Pottsville is at the junction of Farm roads 218 and 2842, on  The Cowhouse Creek in western Hamilton County. It was named for Capt. John Stephen Potts ( 1812-1901 ), an early settler and sheep raiser who arrived in 1872. The community's first school started in 1876 and its successor consolidated with Hamilton in 1989. A post office that was established at the town in 1879 is still open at present as zip code 76565.  In 1913 a fire destroyed all the local businesses except one, and in 1944 a cyclone caused one death and great property damage. The community's cotton gin closed in 1931. The population of Pottsville was 200 in 1947, when the town had four businesses. In the 1980s Pottsville had 312 residents, elementary and high schools, three churches, a post office, a feed store, a mill, a garage, a grocery, and a beauty shop.     The community still reported a population of 312 in 1990. A Volunteer Fire Department was established Sept. 12, 1993.

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Texas Historical Marker
In Cemetery Donated By Capt. Potts
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